Josh Asked:初期市場數據似乎不好,該Pivot嗎?

Three months ago, our product went to alive, and since then there were about 90 unique visitors came visiting our website, and 35 of them signed up for the service, and 20 of them upload files there, and 3 of them used it to solve the problem we are trying to solve.

But 2 out of these 3 stop using it because we lack of the features they want, so only 1 people out of 90 is using it to solve the problem we are trying to solve. (I tried to email to those 2 who stop using, one of them was saying we were lack of the feature he want and I asked him what he wanted. But he didn’t reply me. The other was uploading some giant size files and I told her that we will charge $0.1 per GB per month if the file size is over the limit, and then she decided to stop using our service. I think this tells that our solution is not very attractive.)

We see more people are using our product to be their personal cloud player, instead of hosting podcast. (I’m sure personal cloud player has a much bigger market size than podcast hosting, but there are lots of existing products out there.)

My questions are:

1. From the summary statistics we saw, can we confirm that our product is not solving the problem? Or how can we validate it?

2. Should we pivot to Persona Cloud player?

Thank you.



我們發現,有越來越多的人使用我們的產品當作他們的Cloud Player,而不是本機的podcast。(我敢肯定,個人化Cloud Player的市場比本機podcast大多了,但也已經出現了很多產品。)



2.我們是否該Pivot去做Cloud Player?