"Thank you and goodbye: Most of us 'would rather say cheers, ta or even just give a wave or smile' "

再見了,Thank you,現在我們更愛說cheers,ta,揮個手或者微微一笑。

If you do someone a good turn today, don’t expect a thank you. ‘Cheers’, ‘ta’ or even ‘wicked’ is the more likely response, if a survey is to be believed. Research among computer users suggests that the traditional expression of gratitude has fallen by the wayside. Cheers, oh and ta for dinner: The traditional 'thank you' is being usurped by snappier ways to show thanks, like 'Wicked', 'You star' and 'Cool'

現在你幫了人家的忙,可能別再期待對方說:“thank you”兩個字了。據一項調查,西方傳統的道謝方式已經過時,現今更容易聽到的“謝謝”不再是“Thank you”,現在“Cheers”(餐桌上乾杯用語),或者時髦表達高興愉悅的語氣詞“ta”、還有撒嬌的詞語“wicked”、“You star”(你還不錯哦)and “Cool”(酷)逐漸成為“謝謝”的替代品。