It takes anywhere from three to 15 months to find the right job -- yet just days or weeks to lose it. Here are 10 traits that are career poison:


1、Possessing Poor People Skills 人際溝通技巧差
A little likeability can go a long way. Studies by both the Harvard Business Review and Fast Company magazine show that people consistently and overwhelmingly prefer to work with likeable, less-skilled co-workers than with highly competent jerks.

讓人對你有好感度會有意想不到的效果。《哈佛商業評論》和《Fast Company》雜誌的研究都說,相較能力好、個性討人厭的人,人們寧可選擇個性好、能力差的同事合作。

[口語字彙] go a long way(對...大有幫助。)
原來意思是走長路,引申為可以買很多東西:Ten thousand dollars can go a long way to me.(一萬塊對我來說就很多了。)

還可進一步衍申為意想不到的效果:A little bit more time with your work would go a long way.(多花點時間在工作上會讓你得到意想不到的效果。)

2、Not Being a Team Player 缺乏團隊精神
Organizations have ways of dealing with employees who subvert the team. Just ask Philadelphia Eagles Wide Receiver Terrell Owens, who was suspended for the 2005 season after repeatedly clashing and taking public shots at his teammates and management. Show you're a team player and demonstrate that you've got the greater good of the organization at heart。


[口語字彙] the greater good(更大利益)
“Good”一般我們習慣的是形容詞用法。其實它也可以當名詞,意思就是「利益」。常見的用法是" for the greater good",為更大的利益著想。